2Huellas uses at (son , the “Web Site”) a technology named cookies. Cookies are archives that can be downloaded on your computer through the web pages.

These are tools that have an essential function to benefit a lot of services of the information society. Between other things, they allow the web page to collect and get back information about the navigation habits from a a user or his computer and depending on the information obtained, they can be used to recognize the user and improve the service.

Types of cookies

Depending on the entity that manages the domain from where the cookies are sent and the one that treats the information obtained, two types can be distinguish: own cookies and other’s cookies.

It also exists a second classification attending to the period of time the cookies are stocked up in the customer’s browser, these ones are session cookies or persistent cookies.

Finally, there is another classification with five types of cookies according to the purpose of the information collected: technical cookies, customizating cookies, analysis cookies, advertising cookies and advertising behavioural cookies.

Cookies used on the website

On the following lines are identified the cookies that are being used on the Web Site as its typology and function:

The web page uses Google Analytics, a service of web analysis developed by Google that allows the measuring and analysis of the navigation through the web pages. You can analyze on your browser 4 types of these service cookies.

Depending on the previous typology it’s about own cookies, session cookies and analysis cookies. You can find more information about it and disable the use of cookies: These cookies can be identified as:

Cookies: __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz.

The information about your personal data is not collected through the web analysis warranting the privacy protection of the people that sail through the web. The information obtained is relative to the number of users that accede to the web, the number of page views, the frequency and reception of visits, its duration, the browser used, the internet operator that provides the service, the language, the device or the city where the IP is assigned. This information allows a better and faster service from the Web Site. It is automatically collected on the Google servers we don’t have access to.

Another type of cookie that is downloaded is a technichal kind of cookie formed with 32 random characters that is necessary for the correct navigation through the sections of this Web Site. It is absolutely necessary and it’s inherent to the platform as between other functions let the customer adding products to the shopping cart.

Finally, if you login in on Facebook or Twitter, these platforms create a series of technical and analytical cookies. Some of its functions is letting know the user’s information who has logged id through these platforms.

You must accept the access policy and conditions these platforms suggest on the first time you log in.

Cookies Policy Approval

The Web Site, to comply with the regulation, shows information about its cookies Policy down below of any section of the Web Site at every session start.

These are the actions that can be done with this information:

  • Accept. The notice will be shown only once when acceding to any page of the Web Site during the current session.

As well, if you sail through the Web Site and you haven’t closed the messege, you express your consent that you approve the service the Web Site offers and the installation of the indicated cookies.

Cookies configuration modification

The user can allow, block or eliminate the installed cookies on his computer at any moment, by the privacy parameters configuration of the browser installed in his device. These procedures are under the update or modification from de browsers developers, so we can not guarantee them to adjust to the last available version at any moment.

The following lines show the links where to find the information about how to set the cookies preferences on the most important browsers.

In case the user decide to deactivate all cookies the quality and speed of the service could decrease, and also the user could loose the access to some of the services or sections offered from the Web Site. You can find more information about cookies at: o